Web ۳٫۰ vs Web ۳!.. There is an IMPORTANT difference between «Web۳» and Web ۳٫۰

Web 3.0 vs Web 3!

There is an IMPORTANT difference between "Web3" and Web 3.0. The former is fixated on the data layer of the Web 3.0 Computing Stack but overlooks the role of the Logic and Interface layers. Each layer of the Stack evolves independently but simultaneously. Note that the "3.0" implies the next version - the THIRD generation of the web. It is an ERA-based term, intended to describe an evolutionary phase of an integrated Computing system, NOT just one layer of a Computing system. Looking back at previous eras, this is obvious, the Cloud, Mobile devices and apps are part of a larger computing ecosystem, both dependent and complimented by the other layers, the same is true for previous eras of computing systems. For example, the Data Layer of the Stack evolves to enable greater compute and greater trust, the Logic Layer becomes "smarter" and more adaptive, the Interface Layer becomes more natural and intuitive, from buttons to swiping to voice, gesture and (next era) even pure thought. The benefits of a new era of the web (Web 3.0) where all three layers of the Stack are networked, interoperable and distributed means that we get a web that is more natural and intuitive to interface with, smarter and more adaptive and faster and more trustworthy. This New Web needs to be able to network these layers together but Blockchains and DLT's aren't on the www or interoperable. AI algorithms aren't networked and mostly don't work together, XR worlds, apps and games are siloed, etc. THIS IS NOT A WEB. Ok so, the technologies of the Web 3.0 era aren't networked at their own layer, but they REALLY aren't networked between the layers and that's the necessary KEY ingredient to create a web. You need a thread with which to weave them together. Importantly, as we want to trust more than just the data records of things, we want to trust Al algorithms, Autonomous vehicles, and immersive experiences, we need a "thread" or protocol that is capable of networking this multidimensional new web we want! And that is exactly what we at the Spatial Web Foundation have developed and have now donated to the IEEE - the Global Standards org that standardized the wifi standards you are using right now and thousands of other electronic standards to work with a worldwide community to achieve this goal A New Web. So if you are a Web3 proponent, PLEASE consider expanding your interest and support to the other layers and communities in the Stack, If you work in Al or XR or loT, please consider the same, NFTS might appear silly but they are signposts of the unique ID's we need And when using the term Web 3.0, let's use this as a "big tent" term that does and should include all this tech, but more importantly let's start talking LOUDLY about interoperability standards, protocols and networks as that is the only way we get a New Web. A Spatial Web.